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C-TEC AG offers a variety of services to clean grain and feed build-up from bins, hoppers, and silos. Clogged material can become stagnant, causing health and safety risks and impacting productivity.


Silo / Bin cleaning eliminates these concerns and provides several valuable benefits:

  • Return plugged, unusable bins to working condition and reestablish service
  • Improve flow and resolve reduced efficiency caused by bridged material lodged within the system
  • Reclaim the bin’s original storage volume capacity by removing bridged product
  • Improve safety for workers by reducing collapse and combustion threats
  • Enable proper quality control by making it possible to verify that all product is in useable condition before adding new product

C-TEC AG’s new, innovative approach specializes in hard to reach corners:

  • Systems for flat walls, corners, and circular environments
  • Navigates difficult, hard to reach, problem areas
  • Air pressure-driven whip-type systems
  • Abrasive blasting
  • Hydro-blasting
  • Mechanical and manual cleaning solutions
  • Employs advanced unguided cleaner extensions
  • Loosens material vertically as well as horizontally

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See our new innovative Silo Cleaning Whip in action! 

We can safely clean out bin corners that other companies can’t reach. 

Why call C-TEC AG for your Silo Cleaning Needs?

  • A bin cleaning maintenance program increases productivity and safety.
  • We offer multiple cleaning applications for specific situations and silo configurations.
  • Selecting the correct application for your specific situation and configuration will speed the work by ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • Our new advanced technology solutions add more options to existing applications.


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