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Premier AG Industry Construction Repair Firm Now Offering Millwright and Electrical Services

Greg Wurst is expanding C-TEC AG with two new subsidiaries to now offer Millwright and Electrical Contracting services to the: grain, feed, fertilizer, shipping, milling, storage and renewable fuels industries.

York, Nebraska – October 7, 2014

Greg Wurst, CEO of C-TEC AG, York, NE announced today that the company will now offer Millwright and Electrical Contracting Services. Currently C-TEC AG is the premier construction repair with engineering and waterproofing services. The firm supports the AG industry through its subsidiaries, C-TEC (Construction Repair Services specializing in concrete silos), Moeller Engineering (Engineering Services) and Batterton Waterproofing (Coatings and Waterproofing Services). C-TEC AG will immediately offer Millwright Services and Electrical Contracting Services through its new subsidiary C-TEC Mechanical.

Wurst, CEO and Founder in 1995 commented that: “the combined entities of C-TEC AG can now fulfill any need our customers may have: repair, engineering, coatings millwright, and electrical. With all these services under one roof we can best coordinate projects for the speed and efficiency of our customers. The current C-TEC AG, 80 employees, offer resources complementing C-TEC Mechanical immediately with administrative, procurement, fabrication shop, and safety departments.

Greg Wurst further commented, “These two new services bring expertise’s of C-TEC AG because Howard “Pete” Peters and Mark Baird have joined the C-TEC AG management team. These two professionals have over 50 years’ experience by themselves supporting the AG and other industries with millwright and electrical services. “Pete” Peters is our Licensed Electrical Contractor and Mark Baird will be the Millwright Company’s Operations Manager.”

Mark Baird, COO, C-TEC Mechanical shared, “it is all about the customer needs, the new C-TEC AG team can streamline nearly any project by coordinating services within its family of companies.”

Pete Peters, Licensed Electrical Contractor shared, “beyond repair, C-TEC AG is now able to best address design build and other large projects with services from engineering through every dimension of any project.”

Art Moeller, CEO, MOELLER ENGINEERING offered, “C-TEC AG is now poised to meet needs beyond other contracting services in the agriculture industry. We see our reach as including: any facility to include Mills, Ports, Ethanol Plants and more. With Mark and Pete on board the team is now moving to a new level.”

The new entities will be housed in York Nebraska with Greg Wurst remaining as CEO of the holding company. Moeller Engineering will remain headquartered in Ankeny, Iowa. C-TEC AG serves North America with engineering, design, construction, repair, inspection, millwright and electrical contracting services for the grain, feed, fertilizer, shipping, storage and renewable fuels industries.


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